standard residential / office containers

Residential / office containers are optimal mobile units providing you a quick, simple and favorably priced solution for the space you are looking for.

furnished residential / office containers

Residential / office containers can be shipped with or without all necessary furnishings. Residential containers can be custom furnished as bedrooms, dinning rooms, change rooms and storage areas.

sanitary containers

Diverse sanitary containers equipped with showers, washbasins and toilets will meet all of your requirements.

custom containers

We will be glad to satisfy your needs for spaces such as kiosks, cold storage, oil and gas boiler rooms, warehouses, gas metering stations, milk collection stations and fire department mobile stations.

container units

With our containers, it is very quick and easy to form the required space you are looking for. The units are available as single-story or multi-story (up to three stories), and furnished with the necessary equipment. Nowadays, this new, alternative construction method has been successfully integrated and used in the construction of youth centers, schools, offices, art studios, hospitals, medical centers, kindergartens, shopping centers…

create your dream home

Spaces built with containers do not necessarily have to resemble containers. It is very easy to use them with other materials, giving them a completely different appearance. Are you looking to match you weekend house’s façade with your new purse or are you a more traditional type of person? No problem – we are here to help turn your lifestyle into reality. Quick and easy, without any excessive costs or investments. Our experts will help you select the best combination that will satisfy your needs, whether you are looking for a holiday house, home or some other type of house.

possible uses of the containers

Containers provide a flexible method of building, which makes them very suitable for various purposes. They can be easily formed into the desired structure, are extremely durable and are available quickly. If you would like to use the land on which the container is placed for another purpose, you can simply move it to another location or store it somewhere and use it when the time comes. On the other hand, if you are moving your operations to another address or city, or have grown tired of your container house in the mountains and would like to spend your holiday on the coast, you will fully experience the advantages of the mobility of these units.

about using for advertising purposes

The mobility of container spaces is increasingly being used for advertising and marketing purposes. In addition to being used as traditional points of sale, containers area being used as advertising space, in which the lower part is used as a showroom or office, and the upper as a large advertising billboard.

possibility of recycling containers

In addition to economic and practical, there are also environmental reasons to using containers as suitable spaces. The old container does not necessarily have to be thrown away. In the hands of our skilled craftsmen it will be transformed into a well-equipped residential or office space.