About us

DETMERS KONTEJNER Ltd. is a company whose activities include the production, sale and lease of residential containers, which it has been doing successfully for 12 years.

It was founded in 1996 as a German-Croatian company, and its central office is in Sv. Križ Začretje. In our many years of experience we stand out with the quality of our products as well as our business credibility made evident by the fact that we export more than half of our products to demanding German and Austrian markets. Our offer includes standard containers, sanitary and special containers as well as container units, which aside from the quality of materials used, are marked by a modern design which can be modified by the buyer. Our philosophy is to build a stable, practical and eye pleasing space whose location can be changed at any time.
In fact, we create moveable spaces...

Why choose a Detmers Kontejner?
- short production time -simple transport
- possibility of recycling
- possibility of participating in the design and creation of your own space
- living space can easily be extended or reduced
- extensive selection of accessories
- fire and earthquake protection
- no unexpected costs
- price accessible to everyone